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The Caterpillar and the Rain

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A creative adventure peppered with lots of fun, laughter, tears and tantrums. Not to mention copious amounts of glue, piles of baby-wipes for speedy clean-ups and more than our fair share of "Ooops that didn't go to plan" moments!



By Kersten, Dec 17 2016 03:56PM

Christmas is approaching & with kids in the house, we're about to get over-run with cardboard boxes. Whether it's from gifts, online deliveries or both! Before you resign the boxes to the recycling bin, take a moment to create a bit of box-fun for the kids - as is often said, they sometimes enjoy the boxes as much, if not more than the gifts themselves!

With two car-mad boys in our house, there was really only one option- create cardboard race cars!

We hunted around the house for some accessories- paper plates, circles of black & yellow paper, foil tins, toilet roll inserts, clean used coffee capsules, silver foil and plastic cups. Completely free-styling the designs, we literally made them up as we went along, with plenty of input from the kids!

With a three year old and one year old, their attention spans were short - they spent much more time 'racing' each other in them, than we did in making them. But, if you have kids who'll focus for longer, or you want to 'prep' the boxes in advance, you could paint them in racing car colours and add more accessories.

Don't worry if creativity isn't your forte. It doesn't need to be too elaborate to entertain the children - their imaginations are so vibrant at this age. My two certainly had fun for several days playing with them, until we decided the time had come. We created a game out of breaking them down & taking the cardboard to the recycling bin, chatting about all the things they might go on to become!

Have Fun, Vrooooooooom!

By Kersten, Sep 27 2016 08:57AM

We've been visiting Granny C who loves all things crafty. Sitting in her airy sun-lounge she can often be found with an array of coloured pens, whiling away the time with a selection of adult colouring books.

With all the intricate designs and vibrant colours, they make stunning pictures which seem wasted staying in the book, so we decided to bring them to life & use them as children's story-telling props.

We chose a selection of animal & bird drawings which we carefully cut out & glued to cardboard. Cutting around the cardboard to maintain the shape, made the pictures much more sturdy and less likely to tear.

The next stage was simply using our imagination; selecting a picture, using different voices for the animals and each taking turns, before we knew it an elaborate story began to take shape

about a group of animal-friends in the jungle searching for their breakfast!

Both Granny C & Auntie Net spent time with our 3 year old, telling stories and incorporating other props from around the home. It was lovely to see imaginations being stretched and really interesting to hear all the different scenarios & stories which could be created from the same set of pictures.

Preschoolers love imaginative play & this is a wonderfully simple, inexpensive and fun way to expand their thoughts, ideas, vocabulary and creativeness.

By Kersten, Aug 18 2016 04:03PM

As I collected up the used bottles on the draining board for recycling I started to wonder... couldn't some of these be used for kids craft ideas, before being taken away, broken down & made into something new?

This DIY watering can really couldn't have been simpler, it took 5 minutes to make and has been a real hit in the garden for both watering plants and play!

Grab your empty clean plastic milk or juice bottle, ensure its one with a handle. Using a wooden skewer, gently push holes into the lid - definitely a bit for the adults, if young children are involved. Decorate the bottle - we used some stickers we had in the house. Then hey-presto, fill the bottle with water, tighten the lid and away you go!

By Kersten, Jul 25 2016 11:03AM

A wonderful outdoor activity that's as much fun for the adults as the kids. With a few of these on the go at the same time, a family competition of 'the longest bubble snake' is sure to occur!

It couldn't be simpler, took just a few minutes to set up & requires items which are probably already hanging around your home - exactly the type of spur of the moment activity I love.

What you'll need:

Empty drinks bottle


Small Bowl

Wash cloth & 2 elastic bands (OR an old sock)

Bubble solution (OR make your own with washing up liquid & water)

1. Using scissors, cut off the bottom of the drinks bottle

2. Place the wash cloth over the cut bottle & secure with elastic bands (alternatively you can pull an old sock over the bottle!)

3. Pour bubble solution into the bowl

4. Dip the wash cloth end of the bottle into the bubble solution

5. Blow through the top of the bottle and watch with amazement as your bubble snake grows

6. For coloured bubbles, place a few drops of food colouring on the wash cloth & see the results

By Kersten, Jul 21 2016 10:00AM

These paper flowers are really effective and not as difficult as you may think, to make. They can be used as embelishments for lots of art/ craft projects and make a great a activity for children, with just a few items needed.

What you'll need: coloured paper, glue, button, scissors, pen/pencil

See our series of photos below, for how to make...

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